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8561Re: [midatlanticretro] I need a keyboard w/ switches

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  • Dan Roganti
    Jul 4, 2008

      Joe Giliberti wrote:
      Does anyone here have a keyboard they could let go that has individual switches for all of the keys? It needs to be PS/2, or AT could work if I could find an adapter. I really doubt I could find a USB one for this configuration. I would need it before HOPE hopefully :). Its for a MAME keyboard hack, which I could do with a standard keyboard, but mapping out the matrix is a PITA.

      I used to do that too when making MAME arcades, but that gets old really fast. Because the pinout for the switch matrix is never the same between the different brands of keyboards. What I use now anytime I do this is hookup an I-PAC 2 module, it gives you 28 switch lines(keys). It's all software configurable, plugs into the PS2 jack and then I just hookup the same ol' arcade buttons to this. Here's a link if your interested for this , there also several other different models to try.

      [ Pittsburgh 250th --- http://www2.applegate.org/~ragooman/   ]

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