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  • Bryan Pope
    Jul 4, 2008
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      This was posted on a Commodore email list by Robert Bernardo...
      Since it is in NJ, somebody here might be interested in it. It has the
      1351 mouse included with it which is somewhat rare..



      ---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
      Subject: **** Commodore 64 for Sale****
      From: "Lillian Lundy" <lclundy1(at)yahoo.com>
      Date: Thu, July 3, 2008 12:24 pm

      Hello Robert,

      I was given your e-mail as a contact who may be interested in purchasing
      Commodore Products. I have the following in their original boxes for sale
      with all of the manuals etc.

      Commodore 64C w/F1 buttons
      1541 C Disk Drive
      1200 Modem
      Color Monitor 40
      Okidata Printer
      1351 Mouse
      Joy Stick (2) Comp Pro 1000

      I also have some games on floppy disks that I have attached a list of.

      If you are interested, please reach me at this e-mail. I am moving out of
      state and downsizing and would like to sell them as soon as I can. If you
      are not interested, can you please pass on the information to anyone that
      you may know that is- or forward their contact information to me.

      I live in New Jersey

      Thank you,


      The included games:

      Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego
      Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego
      Vega Games
      Wheel of Fortune
      3 Stooges
      Dark Castle
      Street Sports Basketball
      Street Sports Baseball
      Airborne Range
      Winter Games
      Summer Games II
      Computer Baseball
      Family Feud
      Classic Concentration
      Double Dare
      Hollywood Squares
      Price is Right
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