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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jul 1, 2008
      I'm too busy at work lately to keep replying all day long, so here's another 'group' reply.  Sorry for being impersonal.
      Anyone who is heavily involved in a museum restoration is hereby excused from exhibiting.  :)   Of course, that does not preclude ya'll from exhibiting!
      I will make some poster templates and put them on our web site for downloading.  People can fill in the blanks, and then I'll edit them.
      The idea for circular tables is ONLY an idea.
      Still waiting and nagging on Sellam to post the registration page.
      No need for the VCF exhibits to be smaller.  What I meant was that the exhibit area itself may be smaller because of our museum emphasis this year.  In fact, the regular VCF exhibits could be BIGGER, to avoid having the show floor seem smaller (which it will be but we'll also do things like space the tables further apart this year and use some space for Briel's Apple 1 and Kim workshop).
      Fuel expenses -- I totally understand that driving a Golf from far away is much smarter than driving a Suburban -- so do whatever you need to do.  Of course, I'd prefer to see more of your computers than less.   :)
      TPS reports -- but I have the memo right here...
      Tables for the museum -- sticking to my hunch of using the strong, inexpensive, ultra-practical hard plastic tables (and a few nice display cases).  I don't think anyone here wants to start working on MARCH carpentry.  Also, Fred wants us to keep everything "portable", not semi-permanent.
      My advice to everyone (including me, as usual): don't over-analyze and stick with the K.I.S.S. method.