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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jun 30, 2008
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      The time is nearing ... what are MARCHins' semi-solidified VCF East 5.0 exhibit plans?
      I'd like to see a simple paragraph from everyone who plans to exhibit, describing your plans.... also if any of the VCF newcomers have questions, doubts, or concerns, then PLEASE speak up now -- not later after you committed to exhibit space.  We want to welcome newbie exhibitors, not scare ya off, but it's always frustrating when people drop out close to the event.
      The golden rules are:
      0. Have fun!
      1. The purpose is to demo, educate, and inspire -- not to sell.
      1a. If you want to quietly make some deals, fine, just don't be conspicuous or sell away chunks of your exhibit midway through the show.
      2. Exhibitors must be there both days.
      3. Exhibits need a theme, not just "Here's all my vintage computer crap."
      4. For theme ideas just look at the previous VCF exhibitor lists at www.vintage.org.
      5. Have fun!
      6. It's vital for at least most of the computers in each exhibit to actually work.
      7. Presentation is almost as important as technical content.
      8. No theme this year.  Anything goes.
      9. Have fun!
      We might arrange the exhibits in a more creative way this year.  Instead of the traditional six-foot rectangular tables, perhaps we'll use the very large circular tables that InfoAge already owns.  Exhibit islands scattered around the show floor!  Could be fun as long as we're careful in arranging the floor-level extension cables.  (This idea is largely because most of InfoAge's rectangular tables are already in use for other purposes, and we want to encourage people to tour the grounds; we don't want to disassemble the whole damn museum just so we can have exhibit tables.)
      - Evan
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