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8518Re: [midatlanticretro] Stan Brewer Intro.

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  • Stan Brewer
    Jun 28, 2008
      Not that I know of.  If you do try to get one working, I have a module Claude gave me, that I will donate to the effort.  I am also a member of a couple of antique radio clubs, and may have a source for donations of tubes.   I also have operations manuals for the B-205 I obtained from another source, and would be glad to give copies of them.  I also have the original Flex-o-writer from the RESISTORS machine, and a newer model (more likely to run) that I could bring to the project.


      Bryan Pope wrote:

      Stanley Brewer wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > I joined because a good acquaintance of mine, Claude Kagan said he
      > was talking to MARCH to find a new home for his Burroughs B-205. I
      > run the Burroughs B-205 site and Yahoo Group. I am very excited to
      > hear that the old Burroughs may be saved! Does MARCH have a building
      > large enough to house the 205? I had tried to get the RESISTORS to
      > help save the 205, but found none of them interested in doing so. :(
      > I hope I can help in some way. I was a DEC system manager for many
      > years until my medical retirement (heart disease) last year. I have
      > lots of old DEC books and hardware.
      I do not believe we have a working tube-based computer in our
      collection.. . Is there a working (or even semi-working) tube-based
      computer in the US?



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