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8470Free: Sun SCSI 9 track (HP 7980s) in Carlisle, PA

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  • tom_owad
    Jun 26, 2008
      The brand is Sun, but it's identical to the HP 7980s in this auction
      with the following exceptions:

      It does not have the HP logo or model number.
      There is no button in the front lower left corner, instead the Sun
      logo is there.
      I do not have the rails for it.
      The front panel is a bit more knicked up, than that one, and it hasn't
      been dusted in a decade.

      The first time I turn it on after leaving it sit for a few minutes, it
      always immediately fails the self test. Every time I cycle the power
      after the initial boot, it then passes the self test and displays 'Ready'.

      The manufacture sticker says it was made in January 1990.

      Must be picked up outside of Carlisle, PA.