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84OSI Software Find!

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  • Bill Sudbrink
    Feb 28, 2005
      Well, since my C4P-MF has been rock solid stable since I
      fitted the new power supply and cleaned the drive head,
      I've been going through a bunch of 25 (and more) year old
      diskettes to see just what I have.


      On a diskette simply labeled OS65D 3.2 (not originally mine,
      acquired I don't know where), I found really nice machine
      code implementations of Space Invaders and Asteriods! You
      don't usually see machine code programs on OSI diskettes, the
      OS was too crude to have a simple binary loader. Diskettes
      usually have BASIC programs, with maybe a couple of USR$
      sub-routines in data statements. To load and execute the
      programs, you have to EXIT from BASIC into the sub-monitor and
      then load the diskette tracks into memory one at a time. Once
      you have it loaded, then you GO to the starting address. I
      think that these programs might have been originally intended
      to be loaded from casette tape. Fortunately, the diskette had
      two BASIC programs, each of which PRINTs the instructions for
      loading the machine code programs. I'm really happy about this!
      People usually see OSI boxes running rather slow interpreted
      BASIC programs. These two programs show just what an OSI box
      can do. There is no attribution for the Asteriods program, but
      the Space Invaders is copyright 1980 by Michael Kincaid.

      Can't wait to show these at TCF!