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8321Exhibit planning - 70s/80s micros

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jun 16, 2008
      So now that I have the list handy ... Bill suggested:
      Altair 8800
      IBM 5150
      SWTPC 6800
      Commodore PET 2001
      Osborne 1
      TRS-80 Model 1
      Commodore 64
      Apple II+ (or IIe)
      I think we should remove the SWTPC from this exhibit and relocate it to our "best of the rest" exhibit or some future exhibit about the homebrew generation.  In its place I think we should put the Mac 128K (first Mac).
      The logic here is to limit this exhibit to systems that are massively historically significant -- but specifically the ones that are significant to regular people, not just computer geeks.  This should be our most representative real-world exhibit.
      Having said that, anyone have suggestions for what we should add or remove from the list?
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