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8288Re: [midatlanticretro] Digest Number 1307

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  • mejeep deMeep ferret
    Jun 6, 2008
      > I go to a book fair this morning at a local library to hopefully find a
      > few good books for a cheap price.. Last time I picked up "Compilier
      > Design Theory" for $2.00.. :)

      On the one hand I'm also pleased to get nice books for a buck or two,
      but I'd rather they had stayed on the shelves for more folks to discover
      and enjoy.

      > This time I go on the first day and find to my dismay there are all
      > these "vultures" with PDAs and bar code scanners going through all of
      > the books to find what they can resell.. :(

      Did you happen to notice that software they were using? I want to use
      my Symbol barcode scanner (laser!) with my Visor PDA for taking
      inventory, but the only software I found was the built-in test and demo,
      nothing for embedding the barcode data into other applications.

      -- Jeff Jonas