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8273IBM 5150 Restoration - Really Complete Now

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  • B. Degnan
    Jun 2, 2008
      I have installed the monochrome card into the IBM PC, and the IBM 64KB
      memory card that originally came with it, bringing the system up to a
      whopping 128K.

      Here is the thread from my web site, if you wish to view pictures at
      various stage of the process concluding with the newest pictures from today
      depicting a green screen 128K boot.

      Note - I don't have a copy of the original CP/M 86; anyone ever even seen
      one for the IBM PC? The closest I have to an IBM format CP/M 86 is a "Move
      It" software disk I plan to use to copy files from the IBM PC to the CBM
      B-128 or CBM 8032 using an 8050 drive and a CBM parallel printer
      cable. But that's a whole other project. First I have to make a CP/M 86
      boot disk...I have utilities to make a copy and will do so soon. Will send
      updates when I have the chance.