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8221Re: [midatlanticretro] Data I/O 29B Programmer

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  • Bob Applegate
    May 28, 2008
      The 29 is a great programmer.  Used them at many jobs in the 80s.  I don't remember
      the adaptor model numbers, but the 29 could program just about anything with the
      right adaptor.  I was usually doing 2708s, 2716s, and 2732s.

      You got yourself a good piece of equipment.

      Speaking of which, it's time to head into the basement and burn a new EPROM for
      my S-100 machine...


      On May 28, 2008, at 6:58 PM, Mike Loewen wrote:

      A couple of months back, there was a thread about EPROM programmers 
      suitable for classic systems. While the Willem programmer was one of the 
      recommended models, I wasn't too keen on the USB requirement. Another 
      recommendation was the Data I/O 29B, a standalone unit which can be 
      connected via RS-232 port to a system or terminal. I started keeping an 
      eye on the Ebay offerings, and finally picked up one at a reasonable 

      http://sturgeon. css.psu.edu/ ~mloewen/ DataIO/

      It came with the following adapters:

      Unipak 2B
      303A-011 V01
      303A-011 CMOS/BiPolar
      910-1521 Calibration Extender

      If I'm reading things right, I have the right adapters to do 2764s and 
      the like. I'm anxious to see if I can program a TurboROM or a KayPLUS ROM 
      for my Kaypro 10. :-)

      Mike Loewen mloewen@cpumagic. scol.pa.us
      Old Technology http://sturgeon. css.psu.edu/ ~mloewen/ Oldtech/

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