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8089Good day at the museum

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  • Evan Koblentz
    May 11 6:01 PM
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      Slow day visitor-wise, but sometimes it's about quality, not quantity.
      Bob G. was already there when I arrive late today at 1:30.  He brought back our SWTPC 6800, along with some documentation of what's been restored and how to demo it.  As he explained, he also brought us a 12-inch Magnavox monitor, which happens to have exterior colors that perfectly match the SWTPC's terminal device.  We figured, what are the odds of a perfect match?  Then we went into the basement and found TWO of the exact same monitor.  Ha!
      After Bob left, a couple arrived with their 11-year-old son.  Turns out the kid knows as much about computer history as many people in this hobby!  He said he always wanted to see a punch card machine, so I took them into our future exhibit areas to show him our IBM 129.  I gave him an unpunched card to take home.  He also found the Altair very impressive .... kid's got good taste!
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