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  • Dan Roganti
    May 9, 2008
      Herb Johnson wrote:

      This Hamfest is always full of old stuff for sale. The flea 
      market section is dedicated for sellers with old stuff for sale.
      But does it *sell*? or do they bring it back each year? Still, a good
      Well, I think there's a certain amount of stuff they don't sell as with any Hamfest.
      OK, sounds like an adventure worth some effort for me, hundreds
      of miles away. But I would not like to drive it myself, alone, on cost
      350 miles, say 50 miles per hour, that's 7 hours. I'd leave at 10AM to
      get there at 5PM with luck. If I ride with someone that's earlier for
      them to leave to pick me up by 10AM. And, since I'd be camping, they
      better not *snore*. If they insist on a hotel room, that's probably
      $50 a night or more. (The Butler Super 8 is $55/$60 a night that
      day.). Actually, given the $100 in gas round trip, that's not awful
      when split two ways).
      I had some good luck searching for places on Google Maps
      Whenever you type in a search query, the locations show up on the map.
      Anyone with some thoughts about this for the June 1st weekend?
      I just saw Matt post a message about going.
      Better do the math again. Cost of DC motor + cost of batteries + cost
      of electricity >>> gas savings. Sorry. Oh, that "scrapped" car is
      worth $300. Minimum. Today. Condition irrelevant.

      The investment usually has a significant cost.
      The conversion cost is a one time investment, much like adding solar panels on your roof.
      --Not counting maintenance, but everything requires maintenance--
      Just as in any undertaking, there's a breakeven point which you want to calculate.
      This would involve the cost of gas consumption versus the conversion costs.
      So this would take a few years depending on how much you drive around town.
      There's a good number of people already that have converted compacts just for commuting.
      And the component technology has improved since the last decade.
      Especially the battery life, gone are the Lead acid as choice and Lithium Ion is in nowadays.
      I subscribe to a few email lists which have plenty of tips and where to find parts.
      Some of the most common ones that people convert are the GM Saturn and Dodge Neon.

      [ Pittsburgh --- http://www2.applegate.org/~ragooman/           ]
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