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8054MARCH outpost report...Re: [midatlanticretro] Too Many Games is this Sunday

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  • Herb Johnson
    May 9, 2008
      Herb Johnson wrote:
      >> Gas may be $4 a gallon by then.

      > yep, I hear that--and I shudder to think about it--
      > My new project for '09, get scrapped compact car and
      > convert to electric. The gas money I save from commuting
      > I can use for taking trips.

      Better do the math again. Cost of DC motor + cost of batteries + cost
      of electricity >>> gas savings. Sorry. Oh, that "scrapped" car is
      worth $300. Minimum. Today. Condition irrelevant.

      > This Hamfest is always full of old stuff for sale. The flea
      > market section is dedicated for sellers with old stuff for sale.

      But does it *sell*? or do they bring it back each year? Still, a good

      >> Will these {hamfest organizers] be happy to see OLD
      >> computer parts and systems now? I don't know, and I'd be curious to
      >> hear some reactions.

      > Like I mentioned above, there's 10 times more old equipment
      > for sale there than new stuff. There's aways a wide variety
      > in sellers to choose from -- radio gear, satellite equip,
      > test equip, components, military electronics, old PC
      > hardware, old databooks, etc.

      OK, sounds like an adventure worth some effort for me, hundreds
      of miles away. But I would not like to drive it myself, alone, on cost

      > If you plan to go, you wouldn't have to leave so early on Sat.
      >Like I mentioned in the previous post, it's best if you time
      > your > trip so that you arrive by 5pm there[on Saturday].

      > Dan

      350 miles, say 50 miles per hour, that's 7 hours. I'd leave at 10AM to
      get there at 5PM with luck. If I ride with someone that's earlier for
      them to leave to pick me up by 10AM. And, since I'd be camping, they
      better not *snore*. If they insist on a hotel room, that's probably
      $50 a night or more. (The Butler Super 8 is $55/$60 a night that
      day.). Actually, given the $100 in gas round trip, that's not awful
      when split two ways).

      Anyone with some thoughts about this for the June 1st weekend?

      Herb Johnson
      rent a geek
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