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8045Re: MARCH outpost report...Re: [midatlanticretro] Too Many Games is this Sunday

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  • Dan Roganti
    May 8, 2008
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      Herb Johnson wrote:
      Dan, thanks for the comprehensive report on the previous year's
      hamfest, in anticipation of the upcoming one. I'm interested in
      attending, but here's the problem.
      happy to oblige
      Chances are, I'd either take someone or go with someone to split the
      cost of gas, which will be considerable. From the Trenton NJ area, at
      25 MPG, $3.50/gal gas, and a distance of 350 miles to Butler PA, it's
      $48 EACH WAY to drive. Gas may be $4 a gallon by then.
      yep, I hear that--and I shudder to think about it--
      My new project for '09, get scrapped compact car and convert to electric
      The gas money I save from commuting I can use for taking trips.

      If I'm a seller, I'd be in trouble. I'll report seperately in the
      thread about the YouTube video of the TCF. But people attending don't
      want to buy anything old, they don't KNOW what "old" stuff is. And I
      have nothing "new" enough to bring.
      This Hamfest is always full of old stuff for sale. The flea market section is dedicated for sellers with old stuff for sale. It's only the indoor booths which have new Ham gear and new PC stuff.

      Now, it's possible that vintage computerists could create an
      opportunity to work with hamfests to bring out "vintage" computer
      stuff. Set up mostly displays and do some trading. But I'm aware that
      some of the remaining hamfest organizers and attendees have
      some...antipathy... about how the new computer sellers crowded the
      radio amateurs out, several years ago when it was popular to sell new
      computer parts at hamfests. Will these guys be happy to see OLD
      computer parts and systems now? I don't know, and I'd be curious to
      hear some reactions.
      Like I mentioned above, there's 10 times more old equipment for sale there than new stuff. There's aways a wide variety in sellers to choose from -- radio gear, satellite equip, test equip, components, military electronics, old PC hardware, old databooks, etc.

      But, Dan, I'm glad to hear there is still a large hamfest in
      operation. In this area, say Maryland to Conn. along the east coast,
      I'd say the largest hamfest is the one early in the season
      (March/April) in Timonium MD at their fairgrounds. I did not go this
      year due to time and expense (that one was about $35 in gas each way).
      But that one has become small enough that the organizers included an
      *arts and crafts* show of some sort. I dunno....
      If you plan to go, you wouldn't have to leave so early on Sat.
      Like I mentioned in the previous post, it's best if you time your trip so that you arrive by 5pm there.
      That's when they open it up for vendors to setup and settle in for the next morning.
      I'm waiting on the reply about the tent -- from what I do know , it doesn't matter , all camping's the same--
      I plan to headout early Sun morning to setup cause it won't take so long for us to setup.

      [ Pittsburgh --- http://www2.applegate.org/~ragooman/           ]
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