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802Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: New member

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  • Chris M
    Jul 4, 2005

      Liam Busey <buseyl@...> wrote:

      >The nice thing about zx80s is that once you're done
      >tinkering with them they make the world's finest door
      >stops. ;)

      Now now, you'd be surprised how useful some doorstops can be. Loads of 8-bit sbc apps are out there doing yeoman's service.

      If I weren't preoccupied with building something based on a (16 bit) Intel chip, I'd probably go for a 6800 myself. Then again I suppose you could pull apart a COCO and play with/modify that (6809 uP).

      >Uh oh, a single post to MARCH and I'm in trouble
      >already. ;)

      >Seriously, don't feel insulted. The comment was
      >directed at myself. Sometimes I find myself
      >accumulating more than tinkering. I try to avoid that
      >but sometimes the toys are just too shiny. Your
      >self-restraint may be better.

      Nah, no trouble, it's just my loopy sense of humore at work. And as to this restraint thing...gimme a minute to look it up...

      Nooooooope, I ain't got none of that! Although I would have to say most people on this list have more puters than I do, I leap at the oppurtunity to add to my junkpi...uh collection. I aim to get alot of tinkering done too, but at this present time I lack the space and time to "set up" for all my nefarious experiments. Muahahahahahaha.

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