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  • Liam Busey
    Jul 4, 2005
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      > Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2005 00:07:55 -0000
      > From: "chrism3667" <chrism3667@...>
      > Subject: Re: New member
      > Welcome to the list Liam.
      > >The homebrew machines on the TTL computer webring
      > are fascinating to
      > >me. I hope to someday be skilled enough to
      > > design and build one.
      > I'd like to design and bulid a single board puter
      > one of these days,
      > but I'd settle for just building. I acquired an old
      > issue of Radio
      > Electronics which describes the construction of a
      > robot brain, based
      > on an 80188 uP. It's basically IBM compatible as far
      > as I can gather,
      > but the only firmware I was successful in obtaining
      > was the FORTH
      > interpreter ROM. It was actually manufactured by
      > Vesta tech. still in
      > business, and it would be nice to obtain one of
      > those. Someone in
      > Brazil had something similar, but he wanted an
      > astronomical sum for
      > it.

      Sounds interesting. I was thinking more along the
      lines of building a simple CPU but systems are cool
      too. Here's a link to a zx80 clone that I'm half
      tempted to construct. It's not a kit but is made from
      common off the shelf parts.


      The nice thing about zx80s is that once you're done
      tinkering with them they make the world's finest door
      stops. ;)

      > > I try to be more of a hobbyist than a collector.
      > But sometimes I'm
      > > weak. Below is a rough list of what I have. I'd be
      > happy to share
      > any
      > > knowledge I have aquired.
      > Frankly I'm insulted by the notion of weakness. I
      > don't feel that I
      > should be considered weak because I'm willing to
      > drive across
      > multiple states, put off eating, sleeping, and
      > bathing to obtain
      > vintage puters. I think rather that makes me strong,
      > powerful even.

      Uh oh, a single post to MARCH and I'm in trouble
      already. ;)

      Seriously, don't feel insulted. The comment was
      directed at myself. Sometimes I find myself
      accumulating more than tinkering. I try to avoid that
      but sometimes the toys are just too shiny. Your
      self-restraint may be better.


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