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7981Re: plotter from Kagan

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  • Herb Johnson
    May 4 1:49 PM
      "mejeep_ferret" <mejeep@...> wrote:

      > I just read
      > http://www.pdp8online.com/563/563.shtml
      > That's a fine web page about the plotter. The manuals are greatly
      > appreciated. It would be great seeing the Plotter Excerciser and
      > Plotter Diagnostic running the plotter again.
      > I have the IBM 1627 model 1 as shown in
      > http://www.ibm1130.net/functional/Plotter.html
      > I used it on the IBM system 1130 at college and got to keep it when
      > the systems were scrapped/decommissioned (no space!)...

      Hello, Jeff, my compliments.

      Thanks for the Web link and your compliments about Dave's Web page.
      I've added the IBM link to "my" PDP-8 Web page. In due course I'll add
      your plotter comments here as a description there, with your
      permission. Thanks!

      > I have the IBM manuals for the plotter.

      You might compare them to the Calcomp manuals which Dave links to on
      his site.

      > I have at least 50 paper rolls for it (one foot by about
      > 100 feet) but
      > most are pre-printed with semilog and log-log scales.

      Preprinting is no big deal; one could reverse the roll. I'd like a few
      rolls for my plotter; I presume MARCH would like a few. I'd be glad to
      pay shipping for some rolls and pass a few along to MARCH. I'll
      contact you privately to discuss terms.

      > When I can dig out the fitted wood accessory boxes, I'll photograph
      > all the pieces

      Greatly appreciated, I'll add them to the page, you can send them to
      me. Let me know if there are any photos I need to take of *my*
      plotter. Presuming Evan permits me to restore the MARCH/Kagan plotter,
      I'll photograph it while in process.

      Hmmm...this bit of work may evolve into a permanent Calcomp plotter
      Web page on my (retrotechnology.com) Web site. Ultimately I presume
      MARCH will have their own PDP-8 Web page with other bits like the
      plotter, TTY, any papertape reader MARCH comes up with).

      Herb Johnson
      old plotter
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