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7964Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: plotter from Kagan

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  • David Gesswein
    May 2, 2008
      > Also see if the connector on the back
      > looks like the connector (or connector fitting) on the photo of mine.
      They are the same as yours and mine. Looks like your power plug is
      broken. It is still a production part. If you need me to dig up where I
      bought one let me know. The data plug seems to be long out of production.
      I saw a part broker had one at much more than I wanted to pay. I made a
      cable with some leftover pins for mil round connectors and some hot melt.

      The MARCH plotter has a cable coming out from the guts, possible through
      where the fuse holder should be. Looks like they couldn't get a mate either.

      > I don't know the operational status of the Kagan/MARCH plotter.
      Nobody does. It looks like it was operation when last used in the mid 70's
      I didn't look inside enough to see if something significant was obvious.

      > I do not have the removable pen mech at
      > all
      That will be a little tricky to make a replacement for. The pen holder is
      a solenoid. It is powered by the two wires that move the pen left and
      right. The pen is in a metal part which is the solenoid core which the
      outer coil moves up and down for pen up and down.

      - that's why I took a number of photos of the Kagan plotter's pen
      > mech. I anticipated either obtaining one for me, or building one. I am
      > not sure the MARCH/Kagan pen mech is complete - David, please comment.
      In the previous list email I said its missing the interior metal core and the
      top. I will try to take some more pictures this weekend and add them
      to my Calcomp page.
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