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7962Re: plotter from Kagan

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  • Herb Johnson
    May 2, 2008
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      > --- David Gesswein <djg@...> wrote:
      > > > I have better pics on my web site, but I did not see a name plate.
      > > It's
      > > > either on the underside or there is none.
      > > >
      > > You can just about read the name plate in this picture. Its the black
      > > plate
      > > in the center back above the paper.
      > > http://vintagecomputer.net/tcf_2008/digital_pdp8-era_plotter.JPG
      > >
      >Bob Grieb <bobgrieb@...> wrote:
      > If this were a high-tech movie, we could just zoom in on
      > that label, then hit a button called "enhance" and the
      > label would appear clearly on the screen. Too bad it
      > doesn't really work that way...

      Correction to my recent post. There IS a "Bendix" nameplate behind the
      drum as David noted. I did the image "zoom and ehnance" Bob suggested.
      Sorry, can't create pixels from thin air. Bendix was a manufacturer of
      the era. But look at Bill's and David's and my (Herb's) photos and I
      think it's likely the Kagan plotter is Calcomp.

      So Evan, please report on the Bendix nameplate and whatever Calcomp
      nameplate is likely underneath the plotter. Thanks!

      The PDP-8 page now has some discussion of the plotter. Claude will
      have to be asked about how it came to be part of the 8.

      Additionally, I have no good photos of the "Kagan/RESISTORS" Teletype.
      Evan or whoever, can you photograph the cleaned-up Teletype and
      provide the photo? Contact me c/o retrotechnology.com, check the site
      for an address.

      Herb Johnson
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