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7958Re: PDP-8 ... On display

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  • Herb Johnson
    May 2, 2008
      "Evan" <evan@...> wrote:
      > Down here at InfoAge for the weekly meeting. Had some time to kill,
      so I built a makeshift PDP-8 exhibit. :)

      It looks good in the display room. I suggest you don't open up the
      cage very often; those cables are 40 years old, don't flex them. A
      good photo of the interior, posted nearby, would be sufficient for the
      "makeshift exhibit".

      I also suggest you use the content on the PDP-8 Web page I just
      created, to make a one-page description, with Web links, which can be
      color-printed and posted nearby. Please, please, please - provide
      visitors with some information about this computer and who used it and
      what they did. Again, my brief TCF experience was that even
      experienced modern computerists just saw it as old, junk - irrelevant.
      Tell our visitors why it is NOT.

      Case in point. An engineering friend of mine looked at the Web page I
      created and called the '8 a "resistor computer. I did not know they
      made computers out of resistors." I'll fix that shortly. I'd welcome
      any other comments about the page. Again, it's not my intention to
      create "the" MARCH PDP-8 Web page. Not my job. But like Evan, I'm just
      trying to get this machine into display and exhibit as soon as possible.


      Herb Johnson
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