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  • Evan
    Apr 30, 2008
      Down here at InfoAge for the weekly meeting. Had some time to kill, so I built a makeshift PDP-8 exhibit. :)

      1., Took the microcomputers off the plastic table against the back wall of our demo room in the hotel, 2. Replaced the plastic table with a much stronger metal table, 3. Recruited Fred, Steve, and Dan to help me lift the '8 onto the table, 4., put the plotter on one side and an ASR-33 (our clean one, after removing the legs -- not Claude's, although I may swap them this weekend because Claude's has the paper tape accessory), 5, Put the relevant SAM-76 manual on display next to it. Will send blurry cameraphone pics when I get home tonight. Sunday, I will hang the MARCH banner in front of the table, because we don't have a nice tablecloth and because the PVC banner stand is (no pun intended, Joe!) on its last legs. ;) I also might hang one or two of the resistors posters ... or I might save those for the permanent exhibit this fall.

      Anyway, everyone from the other InfoAge clubs and general volunteers expressed admiration tonight for our next toy.

      Also tonight, other InfoAge volunteers started carpeting the hotel lounge -- it's come a long way since we used half the room for lectures at VCF East 3.0 in 2006!
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