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7936Re: Some press for MARCH ... sort of :(

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  • Herb Johnson
    Apr 30 8:19 AM
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      "Evan Koblentz" <evan@...> wrote:
      > As a technology journalist myself, I find it offensive that he
      didn't do any
      > homework and got so many facts wrong.

      The link given did not work for me, because ".html" was split apart. I
      found the article and here is another link with an obvious split:


      The article, it's noted, was written by someone not on PCWorld staff.
      They did get some facts wrong, and their impressions mostly suck.

      In any event, my experience at the MARCH booth area was that many
      people seeing it, did not have much of an impression of what that
      large computer was all about. I offered an explanation of that PDP-8's
      background to "some local computing advocates" (no names) and they
      were bored. I imagine their reaction was something like "old Compac
      server heavy, slow and therefore no good equals old bunch-o-cards
      computer heavier, slower and therefore even more no good".

      I'm not a MARCH officer but I'll consider posting something there
      myself. NOt just because it misrepresented the 8 or MARCH, but also
      because it described the flea market - including where I was selling
      some of those described iMacs - in terms far worse than it should have
      been described.

      All this goes to the point that MARCH, in my opinion, needs to get its
      "voice" out there, or the only comments will be from those with no
      clue about computer history. MARCH needs to have good descriptions of
      the computers they exhibit. Those descriptions must show not just the
      "how", but the "who" and "why". Blinkin' lights alone will not tell
      the story; and not all computers can play Missle Command. I believe
      the story of the RESISTOR's PDP-8 is very compelling, for those
      interested in a story.

      Herb Johnson
      old "iron" man
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