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793regarding Ebay and vintage computers

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  • billdeg@aol.com
    Jul 4, 2005
      The recent sale of a fake Apple I computer got me thinking. I knew it was a
      fake because the keyboard layout differs from the original kit. The fact that
      the auction ended at over $2000 tells me how uneducated and greedy people are.

      I sell and buy things on ebay regularly, and sometimes vintage computers. I
      don't really have anything against it, you just have to be smart like any
      place else.

      I believe that Ebay is simply a reflection of the world capitalist system.
      You can argue back and forth, blah blah blah, but that's not my main point.
      People are going to buy and sell vintage computers and parts on Ebay no matter
      what. That said, what do you all think about some sort of "MARCH seal of
      authenticity" for vintage computer sellers to earn from our group? I don't know
      exactly how it would work, but it might be a way to earn money for the group
      and build a the MARCH name in a positive way. If a person wanted to sell a
      vintage computer or part, a representative of MARCH could somehow certify that
      "yes this computer/part works and is what the seller says it is" There are
      organizations that do this sort of thing for coins and baseball cards. Why not

      Just a thought. People could send us pictures of their systems in operation,
      if there is no MARCH-certified person available locally. I am not proposing
      that we actually do this now, but I am curious what others think of the
      concept in general.

      Bill Degnan
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