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  • chrism3667
    Jul 3, 2005
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      Welcome to the list Liam.

      >The homebrew machines on the TTL computer webring are fascinating to
      >me. I hope to someday be skilled enough to
      > design and build one.

      I'd like to design and bulid a single board puter one of these days,
      but I'd settle for just building. I acquired an old issue of Radio
      Electronics which describes the construction of a robot brain, based
      on an 80188 uP. It's basically IBM compatible as far as I can gather,
      but the only firmware I was successful in obtaining was the FORTH
      interpreter ROM. It was actually manufactured by Vesta tech. still in
      business, and it would be nice to obtain one of those. Someone in
      Brazil had something similar, but he wanted an astronomical sum for

      > I try to be more of a hobbyist than a collector. But sometimes I'm
      > weak. Below is a rough list of what I have. I'd be happy to share
      > knowledge I have aquired.

      Frankly I'm insulted by the notion of weakness. I don't feel that I
      should be considered weak because I'm willing to drive across
      multiple states, put off eating, sleeping, and bathing to obtain
      vintage puters. I think rather that makes me strong, powerful even.
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