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790Re: Introduction

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  • chrism3667
    Jul 3 4:23 PM
      YO Dave! :)

      > As a hobbyist and collector I focus my attention on machines that
      > I've had a personal connection with in the past.

      Likewise, and I'm sure that goes for many of us on the list.

      >That means DEC machines primarily... I am also interested in Sun and
      >HP systems and I have a couple of systems that probably qualify in
      >some way as being vintage.

      I may actually be getting my Rainbow in another week or so. Probably
      not what you were referring to, but I'm primarily an Intel guy. Some
      peeps feel the early IBM-ish stuff isn't vintage, but I poopoo all
      that rot at every oppurtunity. I like Sun :). Even started a group
      for Sun and SGI stuff, but it's dead as a doornail presently LOL LOL.
      There was/is an HP-Apollo unit on ebay, but I'll hold off on
      something like that until I find one locally.

      >I finally decided to take this
      > on after several years of needing CS/80 disks and not having them,
      > and amongst HP collectors there appears to be some interest in
      > this kind of package available as open source.

      As time allows, I'm interested in seeing what it would take to get
      Linux to run on an R10000 based Indigo 2. Not likely in my lifetime,
      but we'll see...

      >...I hope I can contribute to MARCH in some way that offsets the
      debt of
      > gratitude I owe the folks on classiccmp.

      you only owe us your participation. Consider all debts cancelled :).
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