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7863[followup] Tarbell Controller / 8080 System / CP/M 2.2?

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  • B. Degnan
    Apr 24, 2008
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      Herb (all),
      Regarding my earlier email about 8080 and CP/M 2.2, I did review your web
      pages on the subject.

      I have either of these two versions of CP/M 2.2 on disk, not sure which yet:

      14 16 00 00 06 97 9603\CPM.COM Tarbell CP/M 2.2
      14 16 00 00 06 98 9605\CPM.COM Tarbell CP/M 2.2

      (from ../dri/cpm_serial.html)
      I wonder if these are simply the 8080 and Z80 versions? At some point I
      will use the directions on

      also checked


      Perhaps as a future project Herb or someone could produce a brief
      explanatory paragraph detailing CP/M 2.2 and it's adoption on 8080
      systems. In addition to CP/M-specific history, this information would help
      shed light overall on the transition most people seemed to have made in the
      late 70's from 8080 to Z80 systems. Most references to CP/M 2.x and higher
      that I have found assume/default Z80 systems are running it.

      Because my first serious computer experience is of the post IBM PC era, I
      do not have first-hand context.

      Side note - The Tarbell controller has *a lot* of jumper wires and can be
      configured to work with almost any kind of disk drive of the 70's. First I
      have to figure out which drive my particular controller has been
      configured, find a working version of this drive, and give her a test. If
      Kelly brings his controller card to TCF, I can compare with mine. I assume
      his is jumpered to work with a LOBO twin 8" drive, which I believe (I have
      to check to confirm) is a Sugart 850 clone.

      One of the things that got me interested in this subject is the fact that
      Kelly has an IMSAI with a Z80 processor, a Tarbell disk controller and a
      LOBO 8" drive system.


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