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  • buseyl
    Jul 2, 2005
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      Hello all, I'm new to the list. My name is Liam Busey and I live in
      Annapolis, MD.

      I'm presently 26 years old. I grew up with MSDOS at home and Apple II
      computers at school. I find modern machines almost magical in their
      capabilities but less interesting than a toaster.

      I'm a tinker. I like simple machines without a lot of custom chips or
      overly complex operating systems without source code. Something that
      a single person can understand intuitively. I'm mainly into 8bit
      Apple II computers (the ][/ ][+ in particular) but would be
      interested in learning about old minis made from common parts ( pdp8?
      novas? unibus pdp11?). The homebrew machines on the TTL computer
      webring are fascinating to me. I hope to someday be skilled enough to
      design and build one.

      I try to be more of a hobbyist than a collector. But sometimes I'm
      weak. Below is a rough list of what I have. I'd be happy to share any
      knowledge I have aquired.

      Acorn BBC B x2 (PAL)
      Acorn BBC Master (PAL)

      Amiga 1200

      Apple ][ rev 0
      Apple ][+ RFI
      Apple ][+ clones motherboards x5
      Apple //e
      Apple //c
      Franklin Ace 2200
      Apple IIgs ROM1 x2
      Apple IIgs ROM3 x2
      Apple IIgs Upgrade (a IIgs in a //e case)
      Apple Cortland (late IIgs prototype)

      Atari 400

      Commodore 64
      Commodore 65 (missing a few chips. presumed wall hanger)
      Commodore Plus/4

      Compaq 2 (luggable)
      Sharp PC3000
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