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  • david_comley
    Jul 2 6:01 AM
      Just wanted to introduce myself and share with everyone what my
      interests are and what I can contribute to the group.

      As a hobbyist and collector I focus my attention on machines that
      I've had a personal connection with in the past. That means DEC
      machines primarily but I also have an interest in the Microtan 65 and
      the Commodore PET, neither of which has made it into my collection
      yet. I am also interested in Sun and HP systems and I have a couple
      of systems that probably qualify in some way as being vintage.

      I have a small array of current projects: one is a TTL CPU project
      that I am about four years into; I am working on an RTTY decoder for
      the Solaris operating system (for any hams with sparcstations out
      there); and the other project is a new Linux project to emulate HP
      hard drives using the CS/80 protocol. I finally decided to take this
      on after several years of needing CS/80 disks and not having them,
      and amongst HP collectors there appears to be some interest in having
      this kind of package available as open source.

      I'm located in Holicong, PA, just over the border from NJ. I post
      occasionally to the classiccmp mailing list (and have received a
      considerable amount of advice and information in return) and I hope I
      can contribute to MARCH in some way that offsets the debt of
      gratitude I owe the folks on classiccmp.


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