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7753Re: [midatlanticretro] RAD brand 3270 and SNA connectivity doodads? v.35 too

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  • Bill Degnan
    Apr 4, 2008
      -------- Original Message --------
      > From: "John Allain" <allain@...>
      > Sent: Friday, April 04, 2008 11:38 AM
      > To: midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: Re: [midatlanticretro] RAD brand 3270 and SNA connectivity doodads? v.35 too
      > > just found a box of "RAD data communications ltd"
      > > coax connectors for IBM 3270 connectivity
      > Jim Scheef hasn't weighed in lately. That and your terminal server are
      > really in the ballpark of his stated interests.
      > Amazingly, probably the number 1 cord type needed for the MARCH collection
      > is the ultra-ubiquitous modular power cord, like the ones on the back of VGA
      > monitors and PCs. The number of systems needing these cords exceeds the
      > supply by maybe about 15 to 25. I personally will try to bring 5 or so on
      > the next visit. Not so much for PCs... they are compatible back to
      > workstations and miscellany from the early 80's.
      > We could also use a few of the RCA and BNC cables for Video hookups,
      > like to the 8-bitters.
      > John A.

      That's great, but if possible please also bring some sort of bins to put them in so that they are easy to store and don't turn into more junk to move around. At my house I have all cables on bins or hooks based on purpose. RS232 cables, PET-->IEEE, parallel, keyboard, etc.


      P.S. I figured out how to bottom post with my new mail program.
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