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7723Apple related (was exhibits)

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  • B. Degnan
    Apr 3 5:17 AM

      Thanks.  Just like DEC, we have a lot of Apple items, but we need to start putting it all together and separating the good from the bad/duplicates.

      We don't need much Apple hardware, only working software with boxes, etc.  At this point we have way too much "stuff" and we need to start focusing on the specific items that we need to complete exhibits.  We have a box of untested Apple components already. Regarding Apple-related we would accept donations of
      -  one nice color Apple monitor (not Mac)

      -  one nice small closed-circuit TV-type Apple monitor (the old original type that you'd see in the old ads) should be from '77-79 period if possible.

      -  working software in box (Visicalc, Oregon Trail, and other popular packages)

      -  we have Apple //c manuals, some others but we need manuals in better condition for the Apple //e, Apple Plus, Apple IIGS, and manuals for systems we don't have (listed below)

      -  Apple /// , Apple ][ (original), Apple Lisa, Apple I (does not hurt to ask)

      -  Apple cassettes and working cassette player

      -  working drives with associated cards (maybe one or two, we do have a few of unknown operational status)

      ...in other words, now the hard part - putting it all together into meaningful systems that can be displayed.


      At 02:55 AM 4/3/2008 -0500, you wrote:

      Do you guys need any extra Apple hardware?  I have a bunch of stuff that I got off of FreeCycle.  I don t remember exactly what I have, but I can go through it all and make a list.  If you need any of it, I will be happy to donate it.


      Jim K.



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      Nice video....

      At 01:55 AM 4/2/2008 -0400, you wrote:

      I posted some pics of the computers that everyone worked on that weekend, plus an interesting little video with a little kid trying out the Altair while Nick was explaining about his machine that he donated.


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