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7714Re: Restoration news from InfoAge.

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  • John Montenigro
    Apr 2, 2008
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      With regard to SWTP memory boards:


      Amongst various pieces of history stored in my basement, I have a Netronics ELFII that I built from kits. Back then the ELF came with 256 bytes (yes 1/4K) of RAM, so I traded a de-soldering station for two SWTP 4K memory boards, and I designed and built a board to interface them to the ELF bus. The ELF also has several other add-on boards (I/O, video, ??), and an unbuilt EPROM programmer kit. Tons of documentation.


      It’s all for sale. If you’re interested, please contact me off-list.


      I’d really like to keep it all together, but I might be persuaded to sell one of the SWTP boards…




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