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7706Re: [midatlanticretro] Restoration news from InfoAge.

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  • John Allain
    Apr 2 9:38 AM
      > 5) DEC - No work done other than take a peek at everything.

      I was in the other room, you guys were hogging the two tables.

      To check in, I tried getting two systems up and running, a
      VT100 (piece of cake, it even had the config label under the keyboard) and a
      VaxStation 3100. The VS needs a display screen or at least custom cable to
      VGA. It is possible that the motherboard could be jumpered to boot over
      RS232 (via 'DECconnect') and I took some notes for that.

      We have surprisingly few DEC terminals in the VT200+ class. Actually none I
      think. There are 1 or two VR201 screens which should not be confused with a
      VT220. Also just 1 or two LK201 keyboards, and one that was a custom (LK250
      or somesuch) that would only work in one place. There are a number of
      MicroVAX II's in the BA23 (deskside) cases that need a custom cable to
      communicate over RS232, and I couldn't find one of those. Will have to
      bring something next time. FYI, an "H8571-B" adaptor is the perfect one for

      It has been suggested that Grabbe DEC systems not migrate out of a special
      area reserved for them, or at least we would have to label them as being
      from there before use.

      The PDP-11's are getting a bit dirty so the next time somebody sees them,
      bring Q-tips, paper towel and cleaner.

      and No PDP-8 yet found <g>.

      Had lots of fun,
      John A.
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