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7697Restoration news from InfoAge.

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  • billdeg
    Apr 1, 2008
      In addition to the museum room renovations, we also make progress with
      some computer restorations

      1) Bob Grieb has reported progress with the MARCH SWTPc 6800, SWTPc
      terminal and cassette interface. I assume he'll let us know how it's
      going in more detail soon. He is working on this unit at his home.

      2) Using the the MARCH Altair 8800 as a control unit, Bob Grieb and
      Dan Ragonti did some comparative diagnostics on my Altair 8800. It
      was productive to have two Altair 8800s to work on at the same time.
      I took a lot of notes and will post them on my web site soon. Dan
      ended up taking my Altair home with him for further study/fun. The
      next day Nick (donated the MARCH Altair), me, and Dan a terminal
      working with the MARCH Altair. (I brought a Teleray terminal for
      testing) The MARCH Altair has CUTTER and the Subsystem B card from
      Processor Tech. To-do - get a terminal for the MARCH Altair.

      3) We have about 6 Apple ][e / Plus computers. We were able to get at
      least one complete working system. To-do - test all Apple ]['s plus
      the Apple //c, and //GS

      4) The original version IBM PC 5150 - After taking apart the system I
      determined that there was at least one bad RAM chip in bank 1. It's a
      64K Unit with an additional 64K RAM card - 128K. This 5150 is the
      first version with the black power supply, very rare. I hope to fully
      restore before September. Note - we have the original boxes, monitor
      and keyboard, DOS 1.1, etc. Very nice.

      5) DEC - No work done other than take a peek at everything.

      6) Other stuff - Waiting for future...

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