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750Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: any Atari ST afficionados on the list???

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  • Chris M
    Jun 24, 2005
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      How about piecharts in anything but color. The T2K did the most exquisite color piecharts in it's day...muahhhh. Yeah, the 400 had that annoying membrane keyboard. The first puter I ever worked on in 9th grade BASIC class. A ball peen hammer came in handy during that semester. Not that the teletype terminals they moved us to for FORTRAN and COBOL were necessarily an upgrade though.
       Speaking of exquisite color graphics (now here I go hijacking my own thread), anyone into vintage workstation type puters? Stuff like Apollos and really groovy Tektronix stuff? I don't know a whole lot about that type of thing, just that I don't see alot of it :(

      Bob Applegate <bob@...> wrote:
      The Atari 400 had a very annoying keyboard; I don't understand how anyone could
      use it for serious typing.  The 800 had the same internal architecture but had a
      very nice keyboard, so most people who got started with a 400 and did any amount
      of typing quickly upgraded to an 800.  BTW, it didn't beep, but it did click... you
      can turn that off.
      I can't compare to a TI, but the 800 was a pretty nifty machine for business use.  In
      81 I was working in a computer store, my specialty being the Ataris.  A number of
      potential customers were impressed when the IBM PC came out, so I'd show them
      Visicalc in color on the Ataris.  Most agreed having negative things in red was very
      intuitive, but some just didn't get it.  One guy's comment always stuck in my head:
         "If it's in color, then it's a game.  There's no reason a serious business user would
         want color."
      I often wonder how many PowerPoint presentations that guy gave that were all
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      Subject: Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: any Atari ST afficionados on the list???

      I would like to qualify my statement about the TI 99 relative to the VIC 20
      and Atari 400.  I don't want to give the impression that I don't like the TI. 
      It's all relative.  The TI- 99 4/a was the first computer I used outside of
      school (I was about 12) and the first computer I programmed in BASIC.  I spent a
      lot of time playing Parsec and Star Trek.  With the peripheral expansion box
      the TI could be very useful.  I believe that the Atari was superior for games,
      but I would rather have had the TI for business applications if that was my

      In a message dated 6/23/2005 1:02:42 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      relayer@... writes:

      > > > Miner 2049'er you can see why Atari was so popular in 1980. It also
      >  > > makes a person wonder why anyone bought a TI 99.  The key to the

      >  Because the "Atarisoft" version of TI-99 games were much better than
      >  the other models' versions. More attention to detail of the graphics
      >  present in the original arcade versions.

      >  Besides, (beep) I don't (beep) have to hear a (BEEP) everytime I
      >  (beep) type on a TI-99 (beep).

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