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743just saying hi.

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  • campbelljlwork
    Jun 23, 2005
      This is just a note to say hi to everyone. I'm 61 years old, a
      transplant from the hills of West Virginia (1954) and an Altair
      owner. I've been working on computers since I joined the Navy,
      starting with analog fire control computers. Later, I took a
      maintenance course on the DEC PDP-8I during my employment at the Y-12
      plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. That started my love affair with
      digital computers. I bought my Altair 8800 in 1976 from the COMPUTER
      KITS Store in Berkeley, California. I started out playing "kill the
      bit" from the front panel. That got old pretty quick. I then
      graduated to a rented ASR-33 teletype with paper tape, audio cassette
      interface and various flavors of Altair Basic, monitors, etc. I
      replaced the teletype with a Processor Technology VDM-1 and
      Datanetics keyboard and later, a Zenith Terminal. I've had it
      running Tarbell CP/M V.1.4 with a Tarbell Controller and a couple of
      8" Shugart drives since the early 80's. Recently I retired my Zenith
      Terminal and hooked the Altair up to a Gateway Pentium using an RS-
      232 cable and serial/USB converter. I think you will all agree, it's
      a lot more useful if you want to save your printouts to a text file.
      I have always had a great fascination for technology of all kinds,
      both old and new. I'm currently dabbling in solid modeling with
      AutoDesk Inventor whenever I have free time at work, which isn't