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7413Re: Ebay and Vintage Comp Sales (to keep this on topic)

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  • Herb Johnson
    Mar 6, 2008
      Christian Liendo <christian_liendo@...> wrote:
      > I know. I went one year when MARCH did their thing and
      > I thought that was cool. but it's not cool enough just
      > to go all the way just for that. I'll go to VCF.

      The discussion in this thread seems to be either about eBay, or about
      the TCF fleamarket. But it's all about selling "vintage" computer
      items. Since I sell as a business, every day, these issues are
      important to me. But I don't want to prolong a wide and long thread.
      Maybe I'll post something in depth on my Website. I think what amounts
      to editorials "work" better on a Web page than buried in a discussion
      thread. But here's some bullet points.

      Ebay is like the rest of the Web. The Web is going "corporate",
      dominated by large corporate interests. Ebay is worse than that, as it
      levels the "ground" with its common interface and rules for every
      seller, and worse because it makes buyers and sellers anonommous, just
      names and bids, and worse still because of competitive bidding.

      There are other Web venues, like craigslist and freecycle. But they
      have their own "rules" - some self-monitoring culture I don't
      understand - and they are for one-off sales anyway.

      So I don't use eBay. I have my own Web site, my own rules. But I also
      have *my own good name and reputation*. My butt is on the line every
      single day. That keeps me honest. And THAT, and other policies I have,
      keep my customers happy.

      The TCF flea market is no longer part of "TCF". It's run by a company
      which runs those weekend computer shows. But it's more like a hamfest
      than those shows, anyway - an expensive hamfest, which is one reason
      it is small. The other reason is that ALL hamfests have shrunk.

      In any event, even the recent computer sellers have fled the hamfests.
      New computers are cheap, and computers a few years old are plentiful
      and too cheap to resell - and too "slow" for today's users. There are
      more reasons why "vintage" computers in particular don't show up at
      hamfests, or TCF. Oh, and MARCH doesn't support sales at their VCF-
      East. So non-Web venues for vintage computers are rare today.

      Those are some thoughts. One comment: please keep this discussion
      civil. I don't like the term "junk sellers", junk is a perjorative
      term for most people. I don't sell junk. "Individual" sellers would
      likely work as well.

      Herb Johnson
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