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7400Re: [midatlanticretro] Ebay and Vintage Comp Sales (to keep this on topic)

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  • Bob Grieb
    Mar 5, 2008

      To take this back off-topic:

      I agree with people that feel that ebay as a
      company does pretty much nothing to earn the money
      that they make. For instance, many auctions take place
      almost completely in the last 2 minutes, even if they
      run for a week. I think this favors people using programs
      for bidding and is not the best way to get the best price
      for a seller. Ebay could have noticed this, as I am sure
      they have, and changed the way their auctions work a little
      to make them more like a "real" auction. How many "real"
      auctions have you been to where someone didn't get something
      that sold for less than they would have been willing to pay?

      Also, I think the new rules concerning feedback are a big
      step backward. I have been using ebay for a long time,
      and have been dissappointed that the company doesn't seem
      interested in fixing some fairly obvious problems.

      Bob Grieb

      --- "B. Degnan" <billdeg@...> wrote:

      > <snip>
      > >I don't hate ebay, but I am dissatisfied with their performance, and
      > >for what they do charge, we should get better. They've changed their
      > >website considerably to appease the professional sellers, but
      > they've
      > >done very little to make life easier for the junk sellers, who were
      > >(and I think still are) their core audience.
      > >
      > >Sorry for the long and offtopic rant, but I was asked the question
      > so I
      > >thought I'd answer it.
      > >
      > >TTYL
      > >Brian C.
      > I understand better where the dissent is coming from - the junk
      > sellers
      > feel squeezed out.
      > My company engineers applications like Ebay (if we could only get
      > their
      > contract!) and I personally use Ebay to sell about as much as I buy.
      > I
      > used their tools to create a re-usable template or two, and I sell
      > everything starting at 99 cents even if it's worth $10,000. I
      > calculate
      > and then add their fees into the advertised shipping and handling
      > charges. Simple, fast, and it works for me. I am usually surprised
      > at how
      > *well* my auctions do. Case in point, last week I sold an IEEE to
      > PET
      > cable for over $100, starting at 99 cents. Have you ever seen an
      > IEEE-->PET cable go for more on another site?
      > http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=270214790828
      > Like everything else, you just have to know how to work the system,
      > take
      > good pics, and avoid situations where you need to contact Ebay.
      > Phone
      > support for a web site is not in the idiom for the media.
      > Bill

      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your home page.
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