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7375Re: Ithaca Intersystems DPS-1

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  • Herb Johnson
    Mar 3, 2008
      Bob Applegate <bob@...> wrote:
      > Bob Grieb (on this list) was friends with the guy who started it. Yes,
      > Ithica based, or at least founded. Bob... can you give some insight?
      > Bob (the other one)

      Of course, I've heard of the Ithaca Systems line:


      ..and I have one. Not brought it up for some years. But I consider it
      to be the best implementation of the classic S-100 front panel. Evan,
      to my knowledge Ithaca Audio was based in Ithaca NY. They were an
      early producer of S-100 cars. They became Ithaca Intersystems at some
      later point.

      I'd appreciate someone writing a brief history on the company, for my
      Web page. Of course the author will be named, and I'll not post their
      address but refer any inquiries.

      Sellam, congrats on your acquisition, hope you get it running. It's
      fun to see the front panel self-step through a program. A somewhat
      famous owner was Jeff Duntemann, a software and science fiction author
      who later became a publisher of computing magazines and books in the
      1980's and 90's. He had both the Intersystem and the first IBM PC; he
      amused others by showing how the Z80 based Ithaca ran rings around the PC.

      HErb Johnson
      another S-100 owner
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