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7362Re: Trying to ID IBM Dataprocessing system

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  • Mike Loewen
    Mar 3, 2008
      I passed this on to a former IBM rep at work, and he sent this...

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      Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2008 17:16:13 -0500
      Subject: Re: Trying to ID IBM Dataprocessing system

      Ah, indeed it does. It was a model of IBM OS/6 (Office System 6). I still
      have a necktie from that era which shows a design of a "six" created from the
      combination of a "magnetic card" and a diskette!

      This model went for about $20grand as I recall, but most customers, leased or

      There were several other models, including some with no printer at all, just a

      It was the first (probably debatable) "office" machine that could do "records
      processing", i.e. database like functions but doable by secretarial types. We
      came up with all kinds of apps!! I once babysat one over in Business Services
      (printer only) who some Ag prof had doing a mass mailing to 60,000 people!
      Admissions had one, Commonwealth Campus office had one, Student Affairs had
      one, Accuweather had a system (not inkjet, but printwheel model) and probably
      others if I thought long enough.

      I could go on, but it just makes me feel old!

      At 05:00 PM 3/3/2008, you wrote:

      > Steve, does this sound familiar at all?
      > Mike Loewen mloewen@...
      > Old Technology http://sturgeon.css.psu.edu/~mloewen/Oldtech/
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      > Subject: [midatlanticretro] Trying to ID IBM Dataprocessing system (paging
      > Sridhar)
      > When I started here back in 1984 we were using what we called an IBM System
      > 6/450.
      > I can't seem to find any mention of this beastie anywhere.
      > It was a large console with 2 pedestals. The right hand one had 2 8" disk
      > drives. The left one was probably all electronics. The keyboard was very
      > similar to the selectric. The screen was a 9" green CRT with very high
      > qualtiy lettering.
      > The best feature was the attached printer. It held 500 or 1000 sheets of
      > paper with matched envelopes. It would merge your data on one 8" disk with
      > the letter on the other 8" disk and print matching pairs of envelopes and
      > letters. The printer was about the size of two 5 drawer file cabinents, and
      > used an inkjet print head.
      > Can anyone actually ID this unit.
      > Sridhar?
      > Thanks,
      > Kelly