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7360Trying to ID IBM Dataprocessing system (paging Sridhar)

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  • Kelly Leavitt
    Mar 3, 2008
      When I started here back in 1984 we were using what we called an IBM System 6/450.

      I can't seem to find any mention of this beastie anywhere.

      It was a large console with 2 pedestals. The right hand one had 2 8" disk drives. The left one was probably all electronics. The keyboard was very similar to the selectric. The screen was a 9" green CRT with very high qualtiy lettering.

      The best feature was the attached printer. It held 500 or 1000 sheets of paper with matched envelopes. It would merge your data on one 8" disk with the letter on the other 8" disk and print matching pairs of envelopes and letters. The printer was about the size of two 5 drawer file cabinents, and used an inkjet print head.

      Can anyone actually ID this unit.