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7358March 8th - Provide some sample prices?

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  • B Degnan
    Mar 3, 2008
      I have received a number of inquiries about anticipated prices of the
      minicomputers vs. the prices for smaller items.

      To encourage the best turnout, price is a factor.

      Can you please give me a ball park retail price for some of the items you
      have for sale?
      Here is a link, if you could reference specific image files and prices,
      that will help answer questions:

      ..also, which of these items are no longer available/scrapped?

      You don't have to do them all, but due to the distance some are looking to
      travel, it'd be great for them to have an idea what their opportunities
      are and some specifics. Many interested parties could be scared away if
      they feel that they will have to spend too much $$, when these items are
      still available on Ebay and elsewhere. The attraction to your sale is
      that people can inspect the items themselves, and take them home avoiding

      Thanks in advance.

      Bill Degnan