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7289RE: [midatlanticretro] March 29/30 at InfoAge - Restoration Committee kickoff

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 25, 2008
      Hola, MARCHins.

      Sorry if my replies (in general) have been slow these past few weeks. I
      started a new job last month which is keeping me MUCH busier than my
      previous job. On the other hand, it's more fun, too. (Tomorrow through
      Thursday I will be on a business trip and probably won't respond at all.)

      With that out of the way, I'll say this: thumbs-up to BD for taking the lead
      on this next work weekend! I really appreciate MARCH folks doing things on
      their own without my prodding. :) Too many times in the past year or two or
      three, I tried doing everything myself, and that wasn't a good decision.

      Everything BD said in his message is spot-on.

      Just a few comments of my own:

      - If/when we decide to let individual members take systems home with them
      for restoration, then we'll need the work completed in August, not
      September, so we still have time to get the exhibits together for Sept.
      13-14. We don't want to be rushing to get everything together when we have
      the big show happening. The main reason for the September timeframe is to
      give us EXTRA time for the museum, so waiting until the last week wouldn't
      be healthy.

      - We'll try as a group to decide which systems should be restored by which
      members. I think it'd be terrific if some of our older/more experienced
      members could mentor some of our younger/less experienced members in that
      regard. So working in small teams is a plus!

      - My personal plan is to get there early and be there the whole damn time
      re: March 29-30. We certainly should all plan to have some fun the evening
      of the 29th.

      - I'll try to make time for tours of InfoAge, especially for anyone who
      still hasn't been there and/or for anyone who just hasn't been there lately
      ... lots of exciting things happening on campus. Then again, we don't want
      to dilly-dally like we have in past work days (myself included).

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      Subject: [midatlanticretro] March 29/30 at InfoAge - Restoration Committee

      March 29/30 at InfoAge - Restoration Committee kickoff

      We have a lot of unknown status items at InfoAge. Being that we as a group
      are attempting to bring life to antique computers in a effort to preserve
      history, restoring as many of these systems as possible is a worthy effort.

      In addition to whatever else we do that weekend, we're going to have our
      first "restoration committee" meeting. The goal is to pick and assign
      systems that are serviceable candidates for restoration projects that can
      be finished by VCF/InfoAge weekend, Sept 13/14. There is a *possibly* of
      take-home assignments. This will give restorers April through Sept to
      research, scrounge, and repair at home.

      This is an opportunity for those want to exhibit at the VCF but don't have
      their own systems.

      I will be there both days, but exactly when I don't know yet. My role is
      to keep track of who's doing what. If interested and you can be there on
      the 29th or 30th, let me know. I have to work out some details with the
      MARCH board, but I think you have the idea...let me know if you have


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