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7243VCF East 5.0 / Museum Grand Opening -- README :)

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 23, 2008
      Hi all,
      You can consider this a "beta" announcement.
      If there aren't any MAJOR objections, then we're looking at the weekend of September 13-14 this year for VCF East 5.0, coinciding with the GRAND OPENING of our museum space.
      "How come September," you're wondering?
      A few reasons ... 1., we want the most possible time to prepare the museum; 2., we also have to do Trenton and HOPE this spring/summer; 3., yes parents will have kids/school to deal with, but honestly, kids are busy all year long these days anyhow; 4., the folks who run VCF Midwest moved their show to the springtime this year so by doing September we'll space things out between Midwest and California; 5., InfoAge's facilities will be in even better shape by then.
      Here is what I'm thinking schedule-wise:
      - Morning lecture or two
      - Mid-day Grand Opening ceremony
      - Afternoon tours and (to be determind)
      - Evening dinner
      - No lectures -- VCF exhibits open all day!
      Several people requested technical workshops so we'll try to plan something.
      Feedback strongly encouraged.  Please keep it on-topic.  Please don't object to the actual dates unless it's something HUGE.
      - Evan
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