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7193Cool find for MARCH today

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 17, 2008
      Jeff Frady and I went on a rescue mission today ... deep into the heart of the MARCH exhibit rooms!
      What happened is that I was talking to Jim S. last night, and lamented that it's a shame Bill D. can't make it to our AT&T demo this coming Wednesday, since BD has some AT&T computers.  Then Jim said something that I didn't even know -- MARCH had its own AT&T computers!  (Yes, that's a big lesson that we ought to be cataloging stuff.  But that's for another day...)
      So Jeff and I dug in today, and in the fourth of our four exhibit rooms, we discovered TWO computers of interest -- both are AT&T 3B2/310 systems.  We also found an expansion module, a terminal, a keyboard, a mouse, a box of cables, and a box of software and documentation.
      Both 3B2s boot up and the mouse works, but we couldn't get the keyboard working.  I don't know if that is a setup error on our part or if the keyboard is broken.  Hopefully Steve G. or one of the zillions of AT&T engineers who we'll meet this Wed. can get it fully working for us.  After testing, we used a slightly damp cloth to clean the top layer of crud (or "schmutz" as my family says in Yiddush!) ... now the computers look halfway decent.
      Beyond this Wed., one of the 3B2s will be a good fit for our "Computing of the Local Region" exhibit.
      Meanwhile, in July last year, I recieved this email:
      >>> Evan:

      I discovered InfoAge and your organization,MARCH, searching google for a NJ computer museum. What you guys are doing looks fantastic and I would like to contribute some gear if you are interested.

      I’ve got a complete IBM PCjr system (circa ’85) that I would donate to the new museum. I looked at your Db and didn’t see one listed there yet.

      CPU. monitor, keyboard, memory expansion sidecar, accessories, software, etc, etc.  Everything in their original cartons. Although it hasn’t actually been setup and turned on in years, I’m confident that it is still functional.<<<<

      Last week I heard from him again and he was finally ready to make the delivery, which happened this morning.  So now we have that, which will go nicely with our original IBM PC.

      - Evan