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  • Ian King
    Jan 26, 2008
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      One of my first industry jobs was writing a system to run a check imprinter.  During the introduction of the system to the company who had purchased it, we (I) had a connection into their site to do maintenance or troubleshoot issues.  It was over a phone line with - you guessed it - a 300 baud modem.  It was painfully slow, but less burdensome than traveling an hour to the customer site each time....  At least I think it was! 
      That was also my first experience of technology displacing jobs: the system I'd written replaced twelve people with Friden Flexiwriters, with three people on ADM-3 terminals.  It also improved the efficiency of the business because reorders could be done by pulling up a record out of a database.  Needless to say, on the site visit we did conduct, the managers loved us and the employees looked on us as the spawn of Satan.  Ah, progress.... 
      It was run on a Nova 1200 clone produced by EDS, FYI.  I wrote it in a BASIC dialect that included native database semantics. -- Ian

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      Welcome, Dave! Always good to have a new member. A 300 baud modem must've been awful! I am currently set with an AT&T 6300 with a 1200 baud modem. Even that is pretty slow. It is alright, though. Maybe my 8MHz processor is slow...nah, that can't be it! I like the blocky looks of the Franklin but even more so the soft but rugged look of the Apple II line. Anyone out there ever think there were so many BBSes out there still active? I never did, but below find a link to a site with lists of presumably active BBSes and Telnet BBSes. I also have a long list of BBSes in the DF/W area, but I will have to transfer that off my AT&T's hard drive. I will reply to my post later when I get it. By the way, Bill, sorry to hear about your AT&T. I really hate it when sellers do that, too! That's like scraping some of the paint of a '57 Corvetter(I got the year right, right?) with it's keys!

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