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  • Jim Scheef
    Jan 13, 2008
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      This is a non-trivial application. Where would the database be to store all the run sheets?

      As a suggestion, you might check with the local cops to see what laptops they use in the patrol cars and what the durability has been. The city/town might be able to purchase these for the First Aid Squad at some discount. Also they have solved all the issues about how to mount the laptop in the vehicle, connect power, get wireless access, etc.


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      So, are there free applications for linux to do as I describe? Main points of concern are the signature and automatically changing the attributes of the saved file.

      On Jan 13, 2008 11:48 AM, Joe Giliberti < starbase89@...> wrote:
      I've been racking my brain for hours trying to figure this out. On my First Aid Squad, the Captain wants to go paperless when it comes to call/run sheets (what we fill out everytime there is a need for us, for patient information, etc), and has asked me to come up with a plan thats cheaper than buying 6 panasonic touchscreen toughbooks at roughly $2000 a piece. I have found the Asus EEE PC notebook. Its an ultra-portable machine, costs $300, and pretty rugged with a SSD for storage. We needed touchscreen so a patient could sign the digital call sheet, but I realized a small tablet work as well. So hardware is pretty much figured out. My questions involve software...

      How this would ideally work:
      1. laptop charging on the rig until a call goes out
      2. call goes out, we fill in a pre-written form with patient information on the machine using the keyboard
      3. If we have a patient RMA (Refuse Medical Attention), they sign off on the tablet, and the signature image would appropriately be placed on the form
      4. If we need to take patient to the hospital, we need to give the hospital a copy of the sheet. Our laptop would connect wirelessly to the ER printer so we could print a copy
      5. Once the call sheet is finalized, it is saved and automatically made read only to all, including the root admin
      6. At the end of the week, the Sargent in charge of call sheets will collect the files from the various EEE's with a thumb drive.

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