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6860OT: laptop for sale

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jan 11, 2008
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      Selling an HP laptop on behalf of my brother. It’s a few years old (Pavilion ZE4300) but works decently enough.

      Specs: 15-inch screen; AMD Athlon XP 2000; 40GB hard drive; 704MB RAM (came with 192, I recently added 512); internal DVD-ROM (I don’t know the speed); gray/silver outside color; Windows XP Home SP2, brand new keyboard (old one was dirty and had a broken ‘enter’ key). One thing it needs—a new battery, but meanwhile it’s fine as a portable desktop replacement. Batteries are cheap on the ‘net.

      I personally checked it out for viruses, spyware, etc. and it’s all good now. I also deleted all of the crap-ware that my brother and his wife put on it over the years.

      Make me an offer.