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6831RE: [midatlanticretro] Speaking of projects....

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  • Ian King
    Jan 5, 2008
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      Double-checked the model number. This is an "open face" 9-track, that
      stands vertically - it's only about five or six inches deep. I've seen
      occasional references to it on the net, but haven't found anything else.
      From what I've been able to garner, it sounds like the 3x10 is SCSI - does
      that make sense from the info you have?

      All the green LEDs come on steady (except for the 6250 bps) and the red
      Alert LED blinks rapidly and continuously.

      I'm starting to wonder if I need to take this down to the docks....


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      Are you sure of the numbers? I have the User Manual for a 3610 and a 3210.
      Nothing on the 3601. What is the blink pattern? If it matches anything in my
      manual I can decipher it for you.

      There are 4 pages of blink error codes.


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      Oops, that's what I get for doing it from memory. It's an OD 3601 GCR.


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      Subject: [midatlanticretro] Speaking of projects....

      I picked up an Overland Data 9-track on eBay a while back, and I've had no
      success finding any documentation for it. This is particularly important
      because when I turn it on, it just flashes its lights at me. It's an OD
      3210 GCR, and it has both standard Pertec connectors and a connector/cable
      intended for a PC parallel port. It would sure be cool to run off magtape
      images I have found on the web, then load them on one of the DEC

      When I opened it up, I noticed it has a watch battery on its electronics
      board; needless to say, that was NG. I replaced it, but the thing still
      just blinks at me. The battery suggests there are settings it wants to
      persist, and I've seen this behavior with older PC motherboards where they
      won't pass POST if the battery isn't up to snuff. I'm wondering if there is
      some magic switch press sequence or perhaps even some commands it expects to
      see over that parallel port line (from some PC-based app, perhaps).

      Does anybody have any leads on this? Thanks.

      BTW, what I have is mostly DEC but also a fair amount of Data General, and
      while my information library is by no means comprehensive, I have some
      unusual items. I have three PDP-8s, seven PDP-11s and I've sort of lost
      track of how many VAXen - those 3100s just seem to multiply like bunnies.
      :-) I also have a couple of DG machines, and of course a range of
      peripherals including paper tape readers, magtape drives, various fixed and
      removable disks, some terminals and DEC 'glue' pieces like DECservers and an
      InfoServer to upload their OS. Needless to say, I try to have documentation
      for all this, so that gives you an idea of what I might have! (Oh, I just
      picked up an RS/6000 with AIX 3.2.)

      Again, thanks from the "other" coast. -- Ian (Seattle)
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