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6814New Year Projects

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  • B. Degnan
    Jan 1, 2008
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      hey all,

      Just a quick note about recent projects, what are you guys working on for
      the new year?

      I have an IBM Thinkpad with a bad keyboard, I plan to replace and rebuild
      this week.

      I picked up an IBM PS/2 model 70 yesterday but it has a bad (or dirty) disk
      drive - working to restore to Windows 386 (thanks Bryan) and DOS 4.0, as it
      would have had in the Summer/Fall of 1988 when the 70 was launched. My 70
      has 6 Meg. No I am not loading OS/2.

      On a more vintage note I have gotten more confident with my ability to
      conclusively test various s-100 RAM cards, allocate programs to specific
      locations, change memory values, etc using my IMSAI. I can also assign the
      memory pages (0000-1000, 1000-2000, etc.) so that there can be more than
      one RAM card installed without conflict. I have installed 32K into the
      IMSAI. As I identify good RAM cards, I can put some into the SOL-20 I
      also have on the table. I have a small pile or RAM cards that I have
      accumulated from various places. I also soldered up a cassette cable for
      the IMSAI. I broke down and bought a new Radio Shack tape recorder so that
      I can count on a reliable drive when testing cassettes on an S-100
      system. I have some Altair BASIC tapes that I want to load. After that I
      plan to attempt a Micropolis controller card and 2 or 3 compatible disk
      drive. The Micropolis cards had their own monitor I believe. Overall, I
      am working at being a competent S-100 programmer, and hardware support
      person (but not hardware developer)

      I am reading about Oscilloscopes, so that I can test stuff at the component
      level. I have a book from 1958 that should get me started, and a few old
      scopes from Herb.

      Next - apple /// power supply and hard drive.

      Replace disk drives on Northstar Horizon.

      I'll post pics of all this soon.

      Now that I have the IBM Series 1 at work, I can sneak out for a break and
      work on this thing during the day. If anyone is interested in this system,
      feel free to stop by my office in Wilmington, Delaware

      ...and tomorrow I will...

      ...Omni Reader (first OCR scanner)
      ... TRS 80 Flat Bed Plotter (Model 1...Coco 1 era plotter)

      I plan to visit InfoAge March 23 anyone else? BOD meeting and museum help
      day? I have to plan my weekends pretty far in advance.

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